Novelty Fireworks

These fireworks, a part of the consumer grade firework group, typically produce a much weaker explosion and sound. Often times novelty fireworks will produce colored smokes, sparks, and spin. Children of all ages love the pull string fireworks that “pop” and shoot confetti or even watching a black snake grow.

Some parts of the United States don’t allow the use of high grade fireworks that use larger amounts of explosive elements. Novelty fireworks can still provide a bit of fun in areas where more traditional fireworks are illegal.

Wondering if fireworks are legal in your area ? Here is a link to the 2014 firework state laws.

There are many different styles of novelty fireworks, here are a few of them:

Bang Snaps



 Bang snaps are filled with a small amount of gravel with a just a few milligrams of silver fulminate and then twisted inside a small amount of paper to produce it’s classic shape. When thrown at a hard surface, the friction ignites the silver fulminate which produces a “pop” similar to a cap gun.

Black Snakes

playing with homemade black snake firework

Typically a small tablet formed of sodium bicarbonate and sugar is lit to produce smoke and ash that resembles a growing snake. There is no sound or sparks, just a bit of smoke and ash.Learn how to make black snake fireworks right here on our website.



Most of us know that heat rises, which causes these Chinese paper lanterns to slowly ascend into the sky. These are often times used at weddings or other special events. A thin paper, commonly called “tissue paper”, can be coated in a fireproofing chemical and then after it is cut to form the correct shape, a lightweight bamboo strip is formed into a circle which will hold the paper lantern in the correct shape. Then using lightweight wire a heat source such as a cotton swab coated in rubbing alcohol and/or wax which produces a continuous flame to allow the lantern to rise.
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Party Popper


A plastic bottle shaped case holds a small friction activated charge that is usually started by pulling a string. Once ignited, the small explosion thrusts confetti out of the larger end of the plastic case. They also produce a soft report, but do not emit sparks or flames.


homemade sparklers

A sparkler is made up of a chemical mixture molded onto a wire. Aluminum, iron, steel, zinc or magnesium dust or flakes may be used to create the bright, shimmering sparks. The metal flakes heat up until they shine brightly and give off sparks.
Learn how to make your own sparklers on our website.

Tanks & Vehicles


There are many different types of paper tanks and other vehicles that when lit will spark and move around a bit before finally firing off a report. Kids love watching the vehicles racing around on a driveway before hearing a loud bang !