How To Make Slow Burning Cannon Fuse

WARNING: This website is for reference only. Do not try this at home. Making fireworks can cause serious injury or even death. You'll most likely need a Federal License to make any sort of pyrotechnic project.

Our goal here is to take a few commonly found chemicals and combine them in this recipe to allow for a safe, slow burning fuse for all your pyrotechnic projects. Making your own fuses allows for cheaper firework projects and better safety ! You can add distance to any of your homemade projects to allow for more time to get out of the blast zone. Using your own fuse can be a great safety tip for your holiday celebrations.

Fuse_burningYou may have read our previous guide about making your own fireworks fuse but this tutorial offers a step by step process on how to make a much more professional and slow burning firework fuse. Some may know this as cannon fuse or visco fuse.

This guide will require a heating element that you’re okay with getting dirty. We suggest you use something other than your kitchen stove. Some folks use their outside grill or purchase a hot plate for easy clean up and storage.

I’m using a 30/20 mix of stump remover and table sugar by weight.


Slow Burning Fuse Recipe:

1Combine 3 parts KNO3 to 2 parts sugar and mix gently.

2Bring a small amount of water ( 1/2 cup or less ) to a boil in a pan ( you don’t want to use this for cooking food later )

3Add your KNO3 and Sugar mixture to the hot water, mix slowly as this becomes a dissolved solution. The water will slowly evaporate.
4Slowly add your 100% cotton yarn, enough to evenly coat the yarn and soak up all the solution.

5Place yarn on a cookie sheet in a spiral or zig-zag pattern so you can easily remove later.

6Bake in oven @ 250 degrees for 15-30 mins until dry, slightly brown, and able to hold it’s shape.