How To Make Green Fire With Borax And Other Chemicals

WARNING: This website is for reference only. Do not try this at home. Making fireworks can cause serious injury or even death. You'll most likely need a Federal License to make any sort of pyrotechnic project.

Everyone is used to seeing fire the typical orange glow. In this guide we’ll go over a few simple mixtures that can be used produce green fire. This is a great science experiment for your kids that can be done easily indoors. You’ll most likely have some of these items at home too which make it an easy weekend project.

Please note that these chemicals will not make it safe to cook over so don’t roast any marshmallows or cook a hot dog over the experiment !

There are a few different ways to make fire burn with a green color. The most common household items you can use to make a fire green are borax and boric acid. Borax is usually used when doing laundry and boric acid to kill roaches and other insects. Both of these products have boron compounds which when added to a fuel will produce a vibrant green flame. It’s also possible to use copper sulfate but borax will be easier to find at your local super market. You’ll want an alcohol based fuel such as methanol to use as fuel.


  • Borax¬†OR Boric Acid ( buy online $6 )
  • Alcohol based fuel such as methanol ( heet $5 )

Borax Green Fire Recipe:

1Combine Borax with a small amount of your methanol fuel.
2It’s that simple ! You’ll find a nice green flame burning. For best results try it at night !

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