How to Make a Homemade Fireworks Fuse

WARNING: This website is for reference only. Do not try this at home. Making fireworks can cause serious injury or even death. You'll most likely need a Federal License to make any sort of pyrotechnic project.

If you’ve been following our guides or are already making your own fireworks, you might consider making your own homemade fireworks fuses. These are not high-quality fueses, but you will learn about making home made fireworks as well as have fuses that work fine for other homemade fireworks such as a smoke bomb or rocket.

Just about every type of firework you make will require a fuse of sorts. Without a fuse there would be no way to safely ignite your creation ! This beginner fireworks project allows you to save money by making your own fuses that can be used with any of our other guides on the website. You won’t need any fancy chemicals or materials to build these and it’s a quick and simple process. If you have matches, chances are you have everything else you need right in your bathroom at home.



How to make a homemade fireworks fuse:

1Tear a section of toilet paper into (5) thin strips.

2Fold each section in half and then roll into a tightly wound but thin “rope”.

3Break apart the match heads (usually red) to form a powder.

4Mix a small amount of water with the match head powder and form a paste.

5Combine the paste with the paper fuses and allow them to dry.

homemade fireworks fuseIt’s not too complicated to make these and extremely inexpensive. This beginner pyrotechnic project can be used for home made science projects, home school science projects or even just science experiments. If you are serious about making fireworks you might want to purchase some professional fireworks fuses.


How these things work ?

The match heads combined with water that forms a paste allows the paper “fuse” to burn a bit quicker and more consistently than if you were to just light a long strip of paper.