How to Make a Bottle Rocket Firework

WARNING: This website is for reference only. Do not try this at home. Making fireworks can cause serious injury or even death. You'll most likely need a Federal License to make any sort of pyrotechnic project.

Classic cheap firework that can be made easily at home with just a few supplies – bottle rockets. Once built, these novelty rockets will soar into the sky and with a bit of modification will even produce a report. Follow this guide to learn the basics of creating your own bottle rocket firework from scratch.

Most people are familiar with these small sky rockets. Although this is a bit more advanced fireworks tutorial, you can combine skills learned in previous guides such as how to make a fireworks fuse when putting these rockets together.

Bottle rocket fireworks are a great introduction to rocketry and the same techniques can be used to form many other types of fireworks.


  • Paper or “Post-It-Notes”
  • Pencil / Small Diameter Rod
  • Tape
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Kitty Litter
  • Black Powder
  • Wooden Skewers


Instructions on how to make a bottle rocket:

1Using paper cut into a strip 2in by 6in and a pencil or rod, roll the paper into a paper tube by wrapping it around the pencil, then use some tape to keep the paper in place.

2Grind up the kitty litter into a powder and pour into the paper tube. Make sure the paper tube is placed vertically on a flat surface.

3Using the pencil or rod, pack the kitty litter into the tube. Try using a hammer to get the powder formed into a clay sealant. (Kitty litter is typically Bentonite clay which is used in commercial bottle rockets)

4Pour a small amount of black powder into your tube, and compress with a pencil gently.

5*CAUTION* using your nail or a drill, slowly form a nossel by creating a small hole in clay sealant. This will create the thrust when lit. You’ll want to experiment with sizes depending on the diameter of your paper tube.

6Using a two inch section of fuse, bend a tiny part of one end over to form a “u”, this is the part that you then insert into the hole drilled in step 5.homemade bottle rocket

7Cut a wooden skewer about 6-8 inches long and tape to your bottle rocket.

At this point you are ready to launch ! Find a safe place that you can light this homemade firework and watch it fly !

As you can see, it’s not very hard to make your own smoke bomb. Just make sure when you light this, you’re in a well ventilated area. You could always add a short fuse so you don’t have to worry about getting smoke in your eyes when you light this.