Homemade Firework Resources

Making homemade fireworks is a lot easier than you might think ! A lot of the chemicals such as potassium chlorate can be found locally, and most of our guides use common ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen such as sugar and flour ! If you’re a looking for a home school science project, or just plain love fireworks, this website is home to hundreds of great articles and resources centered around learning to make pyrotechnical projects.

Here is a list of resources you’ll want to check out as you learn how to make fireworks at home. Everyone has to start somewhere, browse this website to find some of our how to make fireworks guides.

Our Homemade Firework Guides

Learn how to make a homemade fireworks fuse

Homemade smoke bomb recipe


Here are some great pyrotechnic books, how to make firework books and more.

  • Chemistry of Pyrotechnics – Purchase Online
    Over 200 pages of material every pyro should read at some point. Little pricy though.
  • The Pyrotechnics Treasury Buy Online
    This one is a little dated but has basic resources at a great price.
  • Professional Homemade FireworksOrder Online
    Nice guide of how to build fireworks at home. Pick this one up if you want a basic guide and already have a good understanding of how fireworks are made.