Homemade firework chemicals guide and prices

Making fireworks isn’t as expensive as you think. Most plans only require either a few grams of various chemicals or a few tablespoons. It all depends on how loud, how colorful and how big you want them to be! Since you’re the pyrotechnic at home and are building custom fireworks, you can decide the details. Here is a list of various chemicals you might need and pricing.

Firework Chemicals:

  • Aluminum – used to produce bright white flame, add “firefly” effects, commonly used in sparklers. Order Aluminum Online ($15/lb)
  • Ammonium Chloride – commonly used to produce white smoke or as a fertilizer for gardens, works well in smoke bombs. Buy Ammonium Chloride($5/lb)
  • Barium Sulfate – produces green coloring and sometimes used as a delay agent. Barium Sulfate ($9/lb)
  • Charcoal – used in black powder compositions and to make dim gold sparks. Cheaper to buy lump and grind down to a powder. Buy Charcoal ($2/lb)
  • Potassium Nitrate – common oxidizer for black powder, spark agents, smoke bombs and extremely useful for beginners. Order Potassium Nitrate ($3/lb)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate – useful chemical to modify burn rates, helpful for a delay agent in sparks. This is essentially baking soda. Buy Sodium Bicarbonate ($2/lb)
  • Steel Powder – helpful ingredient in fountains, sparks, rocket trails, comets and more. Buy Steel Powder ($6/lb)
  • Sulfur – used as a fuel, common in black powder, used in most rocket fuels, you’ll want to get some of this stuff! Order Sulfur Online ($5/lb)

Firework Chemicals

While these are not all the chemicals you may want to use in making your own fireworks, these are certainly quite common and you’ll find them used on guides here on this website. If you’re just getting started, we recommend starting by learning to make black powder and then moving on to a project like making a sparkler.

Always store you chemicals in a safe place away from heat or open flame. They should be in separate containers, with easy to read labels. Never let children make fireworks.

If you have more chemicals you’d like to add to the list, or are interested in selling bulk chemicals, please contact us.