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How To Make Green Fire With Borax And Other Chemicals

Everyone is used to seeing fire the typical orange glow. In this guide we’ll go over a few simple mixtures that can be used produce green fire. This is a great science experiment for your kids that can be done easily indoors. You’ll most likely have some of these items at home too which make… Read more »

How to Make Easy Steel Wool Fireworks

Looking for an easy project to try this new years eve ? This really simple pyrotechnic project is cheap and easy to create. The effect we are going for is similar to a sparkler, but you’ll see a lot more sparks and a ton more flames !

How to Make a Bottle Rocket Firework

Classic cheap firework that can be made easily at home with just a few supplies – bottle rockets. Once built, these novelty rockets will soar into the sky and with a bit of modification will even produce a report. Follow this guide to learn the basics of creating your own bottle rocket firework from scratch.

How to Make a Homemade Fireworks Fuse

If you’ve been following our guides or are already making your own fireworks, you might consider making your own homemade fireworks fuses. These are not high-quality fueses, but you will learn about making home made fireworks as well as have fuses that work fine for other homemade fireworks such as a smoke bomb or rocket.

How to Make Black Snake Indoor Fireworks

Children and adults of all ages love watching black snake fireworks grow as the chemicals slowly burn producing a really neat effect. In this guide we’ll outline exactly how to make black snake fireworks at home.

How to make flash powder at home

Flash powder is used in pyrotechnics to produce a bright flash without a lot of smoke, it can be very dangerous to work with and is regulated by the government. In this guide we’ll show you how to obtain a license and then safely show you how make flash powder.