How to make fireworks at home easily step by step guides

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Tired of paying hundreds of dollars for professional fireworks? What if you could learn how to make fireworks online and build them in your own home or workshop ? This website is dedicated to providing our visitors with simple to follow guides about making fireworks at home.

Start Learning Now

Every year millions of dollars are spent on fireworks around the 4th of July. You can spend thousands on fireworks that are already made, or you can make your own custom fireworks for a fraction of the price! Firework chemicals are not as expensive as you might think. You’ll find helpful guides on how to make fireworks on this website, along with videos and other resources that will take you from a beginner to advanced pyrotechnic engineer.

Types of Fireworks you can Make:

There are quite a few types of fireworks that are being produced around the world, here is a list of the most common ones:

Aerial Shells
These have become increasingly popular in recent years and can provide great effects for $8-15. Typically shells or mortars are placed into a tube and when ignited, they are propelled into the air by a black powder mixture and after some time they burst with color and sounds. You can learn how to make aerial shells here and how to make mortar fireworks here.

Originally intended to drive away evil sprits, these fireworks are some of simplest and numerous. You can usually buy a short string of a dozen for about a quarter and could spend even up to $100 on a celebration roll of 5,000 +. View this guide on how to make firecrackers here.

Rather than flying into the air, these fireworks sit on the ground and emit sparks as high as ten feet into the air. Various colors and effects can be made. Prices range from $2 – $8 but you can make your own fireworks for much cheaper. Fountains are a family firework because they usually are not as loud or expensive. We’ve got a guide on how to make firework fountains here.

A popular cheap firework that are quite common on the forth of july. An easy project for someone learning how to make fireworks at home. Rockets, sometimes called “bottle rockets” are usually less than a dollar and when lit soar into the sky and either explode into a color or sound. These are not as brilliant as a mortar but provide a great bang for the buck! Learn more about making bottle rockets here.

Colored smoke is a simple firework to make and can easily be created at home. These can be used durring the day and are considered a daytime firework. See our Smoke bomb plans, our special smoke firework recipe.

Young children love running around the yard with a sparkler! These fireworks emit sparks and are safe to hold in ones hand. Another simple project for a pyrotechnic. How to make sparklers.

Indoor Fireworks
We have a whole section devoted on how to make indoor fireworks, you’ll learn quite a bit here about these novelty items.

Fireworks have been around for hundreds of years and are loved by people of all ages. According to wikipedia’s article on fireworks, they “date back to 7th century China, where they were invented.” We’re going to show you some more advanced techniques than those used back in the 7th century though!

How To Make Fireworks

We’ve compiled videos, articles, plans and pictures on this website to use as a resource to begin your journey building homemade fireworks. You’ll want to follow a few basic tips before starting any project.

1) Gather materials, chemicals and supplies. See our list of firework resources, where to buy firework chemicals and firework supplies.

2) Select a plan or project and safely build it

3) Launch and smile !

 Just getting into pyrotechnics ?

We’ve put together a simple overview about making fireworks safely at home to get you started !